How I can help

I use NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) aka NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR) and its technique of resisted movement to find muscular imbalances and compensation patterns that cause your tension and pain. Z-Health assessments, Selective Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA) and Pilates movements are employed to provide further information. Z-Health drills and Pilates exercises play an important part in the retraining/reprogramming of your body.

Whether you have…

  • stiffness or pain in your back, hip, knees, or ankles
  • repetitive strain injuries in your shoulders, elbows, or wrists
  • sports injuries
  • neck pain, whiplash, TMJ syndrome, headaches
  • chronic tension and limited range of motion

… my goal is to release the tension, relieve the pain, and retrain your body to move as it did before. You will experience more ease in your body and move more freely.

“This is no ordinary massage and if you’ve never had this kind of bodywork, you’ll be surprised and pleased at how effective it is! Rosie provides GREAT neuro muscular work that really “unlocks” tight and painful spots. A truly lovely person and gifted body worker. Refreshing and highly recommended!
~Gina M., Berkeley, CA.

“I’ve had chronic shoulder pain for almost 10 years! I spent 5 years on workman’s comp with every type of physical therapy under the sun.  I finally gave up and said I’ll just live with it.
I went to see Rosie 2x and she helped me finally get rid of the pain.  Gone!
She’s a different masseuse – not the regular blank out, deep rub, muscle mush.  She actually works to make sure whatever is not working gets fixed.  Its almost like physical therapy.
If you have injuries or nagging pain, give her a call.  She can work wonders!”

~Julie A., Berkeley, CA.

“I love to run but had to give it up 3 years ago because of severe pain in my calves.  I went to doctors, chiropractors etc. and all were poorly equipped to deal with muscle problems.  Rosie identified the problem on the first visit.  After three sessions, I was running again! Absolutely outstanding results!”
~David H., Berkeley, CA.

“I suffered for nearly two years with a ligament strain in my foot. I diligently followed the advice of my doctor, was eventually referred to an orthopedist, tried chiropractic for my foot, saw a podiatrist and a physical therapist and used their special devices. None of these things made much of a dent. I could not walk or stand on my foot for more than 20 minutes without it swelling up. I was getting so discouraged when I found Rosie. She is an amazing bodyworker. After the first session I saw results. After several sessions I was walking pain free.
~Sally M., Oakland, CA.

“For the past three months I have been training with Rosie at her studio doing Pilates. After our sessions I sit and stand straighter. I’m impressed at her knowledge of the human body and all the associated muscle groups. Her style is one of hands-on training that produces results in a safe and consistent workout. Her quick wit, tenacity and commitment make her a dedicated trainer and I look forward to each session with her.”
~Jacque K., Oakland, CA.

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