Client Success Story: T. S.

I came to Rosie with a diagnosis of arthritis, and the cheerful prognosis form my orthopedist that I was “ten years away from a knee replacement”. And, oh yeah, my right shoulder hurt. I tried physical therapy, but we seemed to spend more time measuring my knee than working on it.

By the time I saw Rosie, my knee wasn’t bothering me as much as everything else on my left side, from the hip on down. And, my right shoulder still hurt.
Until I began working with Rosie, the correlation between my right shoulder and left hip/leg/knee hadn’t occurred to me. When she suggested the connection it seemed so obvious! Her knowledge of the body, and her talent at finding just the right place to work made a world of difference. Rosie also gave me “homework”, and I continue to do the exercises she suggested. I wish I could see her every week, because I always left her office feeling looser, more flexible and a few years younger!”
T. S.

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