Client Success Story: Karen C.

“Experiencing body work with Rosie is a must.  She does amazing work and now that she has added Pilates to her repertoire, she is even more fabulous. In addition to the body work/massage, I’ve been taking Pilates once a week with Rosie for about a year.  I can really feel the difference in my strength and can physically see the overall improved shape of my body.  I was complimented on my posture about 6 months into my Pilates program.  The core work she teaches through Pilates I am able to bridge into my daily life. I no longer slump in front of my computer and my tennis game has improved as I’m able to really stretch and reach for shots that in the past escaped me.  You don’t necessarily leave Pilates dripping in sweat, however you entire body and your muscles are all buzzing after an hour with Rosie; and you know your body is responding and building a strong frame for future health. ”

Karen C., Oakland, CA.

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