Lower Body Pain

Aches and pains in your lower back, hips, and knees
Been out for a long run? Training hard? Harder than usual? Did you just start a new activity and feel sore?
Does your back feel tight? Is your lower back achy? Do your knees hurt? Are your hips tight and achy? IT band syndrome? (throw in some of those words that people get told they have: patellar syndrome,)
Whether you are a weekend warrior or have a somewhat regular workout schedule, or whether you are a professional athlete, activities can tax our body in ways it is not used to work (argh… wording!).
As we are trying new things or the same things differently, our body often ends up coming up with compensation patterns if still too weak for the activity we are asking it to do, or to bypass an area of injury.
Our body is most willing to comply whenever we ask it to do something, but sometimes it might (need to) get a little creative to be able to comply. compensation pattern.
To keep your body working in the most efficient and most effective and thus injury-free way, these kind of muscular imbalances (the compensation patterns) need to be addressed before they can cause injuries.
Whether you are dealing with an acute injury or a more chronic issue, NMR can help you (see David’s website for specifics) get back to your activity.

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NeuroMuscular Reprogramming is a technique that encompasses finding those imbalances via resisted movement, releasing the muscles that are too tight through advanced bodywork techniques, and then re-enforcing the corrected relationship by resisted movement, thus re-educating (reprogramming) your body, specifically the motor control center.
The result is: you and your body experience greater ease, your body is reminded of what it already knew to do before the compensation pattern started. More ease. The body will remember that. Movement helps reinforce this learning. More effective than when the client lies on the table passively.

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Often caused by muscular imbalance. What causes it? How can I help?
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I can provide relief from back pain by…

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