Discomfort and Limitations

from tendonitis in your arms, sciatica, plantar fasciits

Do you feel pain in your elbows? Do you experience burning or tingling in your forearms or hands? Any pain in your shoulders or limitation in movement?

Do you have pain in your hip? Tingling running down your leg?

Do your feet hurt?

Whether you work at a computer, do other repetitive motions with your arms and hands, or whether you play tennis, golf or similar, you can develop painful symptoms in your arms, specifically your elbows and hands – from over use.

Whether you use your shoulders (look up the primary causes for these injuries and refer to them here!)…, you can experience pain and discomfort after an accident (a traumatic injury, e.g. a fall when skiing etc) or just from overuse (e.g….).

Sciatica like symptoms can stop you in your tracks and cause you to experience a fair amount of pain in your hips. Piriformis syndrome, etc.

When you wake up in the morning and your feet hurt when you first start walking around. Heel pain. (what else?). Plantar fasciitis.

(get testimonial from David Hytha, from Karen Clarkson)

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming is a technique that encompasses finding those imbalances via resisted movement, releasing the muscles that are too tight through advanced bodywork techniques, and then re-enforcing the corrected relationship by resisted movement, thus re-educating (reprogramming) your body, specifically the motor control center.

The result is: you and your body experience greater ease, your body is reminded of what it already knew to do before the compensation pattern started. More ease. The body will remember that. Movement helps reinforce this learning. More effective than when the client lies on the table passively.

  • Often caused by muscular imbalance. What causes it? How can I help?
  • Question and answer the question on the same page. Have link to schedule a session right there.
  • Be sure to mix in technical info to give credibility (check with David’s website for NKT and NMR wording).

Success stories:

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